new beginnings

Just about this time last year Owen and I were setting off down to join Eve of St Mawes for a week sailing on the Fal. Just by chance I “Googled” the name of my grandfathers boat “Treize” and there she popped up FOR SALE on a brokers website in a boat yard in Cornwall. Of course we had to take a side trip to have a look at her and that’s where the story started. Or rather re-started, as she was built in 1939 and my Grandfather bought her in the early 50’s and this is how we found her in a yard, looking rather unloved and at risk of no one ever loving her again. So we set off on the journey many other wooden boat owners have followed and yes she is now ours and hopefully on the way back to her former glory. It might just be a slow trip that’s all. And we don’t really know where she will take us!


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