On the water for four generations

Dad and Grandpa Cross off the North Foreshore ( South East coast) between the two world wars

I’m starting to scan a few old shots that I have found in the family albums that I can use to pull our story together. This is my Dad when he was about 12 sailing with his Dad. He is probably in Iris, their 12′ gaff rigged, clinker built, dinghy. I’m trying to remember something he told me about their matching french berets. I’ll have to go back to source to get the facts…Sorry for the poor quality of the image – I have left it as is rather than photoshop it – more because I just want to get on with things, rather than for authenticity. Many years later Dad brought Iris up to Windermere and she was our first boat to sail as children, in our Swallows and Amazon type of childhood.

I do love this image, particularly because I know my Grandpa spent a lot of time away and this must have been a really precious time for them together and its so nice to have the image as a record.

I think Dad’s friend John must have taken this shot as I found this other one of Dad and John that looks like it was taken at the same time, perhaps? They are still in contact over 70 years later. Is the expression “those who sail together stay together?”


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