About “my Grandfather’s boat”

Early in May 2010 I rediscovered my grandfather’s Harrison Butler designed, Z4 Tonner  Treize. She was in a boat yard in Cornwall and was FOR SALE !

I had heard family stories about her over the years, knew she was precious to us all and knew that, if I could, I wanted (needed ?) to see if I could bring her back into the family and get us sailing her again.

So here we are, a year later, starting to tell the story of my grandfather’s boat, don’t know where we are going but I am pretty sure we will learn a lot along the way, about boats, about people and about ourselves.

So join our voyage. I plan to blog about all our sailing along the way as well as developing the story of Treize, which I hope will have a happy ending!


14th April 2011

Its going to take me a while to work out how to play this blog as I am pulling together the story as I hear it from my father as well as finding old photos, updating on how Treize is coming on and also introducing some of our current sailing expeditions. So I have decided I am going to edit old blog entries to update them as I get new information. Bit radical but then the story is writing itself and stands as a work in process just as most life stories do.

I think I will try a simple indexing system so I can separate out or pull together the different strands and just write them as they come up. Maybe using a generation tag of  1st to 4th? Might work….

I also run another personal blog  rosebugler (a view through my lens) and  wildsalmon with links to some of my work. Between them they  reflect my  life & work with dogs, boats, people and their places.


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